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Skills and expertise


Sovema manufactures, distributes in France and exports worldwide: drilling tubes, products, materials and accessories.

Expert in drilling jobs:

  • Water drilling, geotechnology, geothermal energy and environment, quarry, mining and demolishing, building and specific works…

An engineering team at your service:

  • We are giving access to drilling professionals to our specific expertise, our experience and production flexibility in our manufacturing workshop.
  • 5 agencies in France and 1 in Ivory Coast
  • A distribution and partnership network in Europe and Africa.


30 years’ experience in well drilling equipment in Africa.

  • 10000 hand pumps SOVEMA Mark II and III delivered and operating.
  • 500 electrical and solar immersed pumps sold and installed per year.
  • Great depth UNIVERSAL pump conception and manufacturing. Since 2015, 2000 copies have been sold
  • Complete village water-engineering development solutions: Solar pumping – treatment – storage.


Advice and supplies in waste water and sanitation domain

Water sanitation is an essential development factor.

  • Pumping stations: Sovema offers treatment plants for surface and borehole waters to produce clean water.
  • Wastewater treatment plants: From 100 to 5000 population equivalent plants, adapted to the needs. Compact plants, simplified exploitation and respect of discharge standards.


Specialist supplier for water adduction and distribution network.

Experts at the service of clean water capture, clean water treatment and distribution.

  • Pumping stations: complete solution propositions.
  • Partnership: collaboration with European main manufacturers.
    Meeting current standards. (ACS…).


Global electrical solutions for the services sector. Independent electrification for isolated pumping stations.

Electricity is an important part of pumping and treating process. The guarantee of the proper functioning equipment and the guarantee of people safety.


Partnership and professional follow up guaranteed.

  • 8000m2 storage and preparation platform.
  • Worldwide renowned experience and competences.
  • 300 containers assembled and loaded in our warehouses per year.
  • Financial solutions to accompany you from your most modest to your most ambitious projects and together achieve your realisations.

Contact our teams


Vauvert Agency:
Tel. +33 (0) 4 66 88 89 51



WEST AREA: Tel. +33 (0) 4 66 88 99 67

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EAST AREA: Tel. +33 (0) 4 66 88 85 98

CENTER AREA: Tel. +33 (0) 4 66 88 85 94

HEAD OFFICE: 507 rue Philippe Lamour – Z.I. – 30600 VAUVERT – France

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